Can you ask for what you want?

ask for what you want

When was the last time a supplier or retailer made a mistake? Did you ask them to fix it? Or did you simply put up with it?

I wrote about the awesome service I had on ebay recently and today I can bookend it the opposite service. I bought a webcam and paid a premium for it as they promised me video editing software which didn’t come in the package with the software. After much tooing and froing, they decided it would be easier to offer me a $10 discount. Unfortunately that didn’t delight me very much as I paid $25 more for the bundle (it’s amazing what I will pay to fix a problem – you might remember my trouble editing a morphed MP4 ).

The wonderful Master MC, Warwick Merry and I had a conversation the other day about fixing mistakes. We agreed that the problem is not really about the mistake that has been made. The problem most of the time is that we don’t really know what fix will delight us.

I remembered this conversation and knew I had to lead with what I wanted. I asked for a $20 refund plus a suprise in the mail. They counter-offered with a $30 refund which delighted me as much.

So, can you easily identifiy what would delight you when your suppliers make a mistake? Knowing what to ask for in life a really important skill – one which will reap you great rewards.

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