The Best Service I have had on eBay

I’m so blown away I had to share it with you. I have been buying on eBay for many years now. I have a buying account and a very active selling account so I like to think that I am quite eBay seasoned.

Many of you will have seen me floating around in the most wonderful pair of white, wide legged pants (in other words, trousers – not many of you have seen me in my other pants :)). I bought them from an ebay seller in Asia about 2 years ago and have been meaning to buy some more in other colours but keep forgetting – you know how it is!

Last night, on my mobile, lying in bed I thought about it and decided to go looking. Mobile eBay is klunky at the best of times, so I couldn’t access my history from that far back, so I went trawling the listings to see if I could find something similar and I found some that looked good and sounded familiar. Click. I ordered a pair of wide legged pants and sent a little message to clarify my sizing because, as anyone who orders regularly from Asia knows, they are a bit smaller than us and we’d rather it be too big than too small.

This morning I received an email from the seller.

Dear hanalla,

Hello, thanks to your purchase and payment. I saw your note in Paypal saying that you are size 14. Usually a size 14 is a size large. But you had purchased a size M black color and we do not have a size L black color. Would you like to cancel the order as I think a size M might be too small for you? Otherwise, you could choose other color in size L (purple, dark blue, red, olive and grey). In the mean time, I am holding to send out your item. Please let me know your decision soonest possible. Many thanks again ~

– beautybatik

My response straight back:

Dear beautybatik,

Hullo thank you for your reply. Darn, I really thought that might have been the case. Do you have a 16 in the black? If not, just send the red. I will enjoy those as well. I bought the white from you a couple of years ago and I absolutely love them.
Can you let me know when the black comes back into stock and Iwill order
Warm regards
Danielle Hanalla

– hanalla

Their response straight back (and here is the coolest bit – they remembered me):

Dear hanalla,

Hello, thanks to your reply. Based on my record, in year 2012 you bought the plus size 1x/2x pants in white. If that still fit you nicely, then we can send you a size 1x/2x in black.

For size 14/16 (it is 2 sizes smaller than the one you bought in 2012), the actual garment’s measurement is as follow:

waist: 26″- 36″
hips: 52″
inseam: 26″
length: 43″

Please let me know if you want a size L red color OR size 1x/2x black color?

Looking forward to hear from you. Many thanks ~

– beautybatik

(oh now you know my waist size) Here was my response:

Dear beautybatik,

Wow, great response and I am so pleased you had my records

Seeing as you have both I would now like both in the 1x/2x in red and black. is it possible for you to send me a paypal funds request for the extra pair plus the extra $3 freight?

If not, I will have the black :)

Thanks ever so much, this is the best service I have ever had on eBay.

– hanalla

How good is that? Not only was it prompt communication, but they had my records and could serve me even better.

So now I will have some sexy new pants and an experience that will make me smile everytime I wear them. If you see me wearing my sexy red or black pants you can smile along with me.

Cor I love great service!

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