Mondays are the worst Motivation Day

I don’t know about you, but Monday is my very worst day for motivation.

I think it is because I think I have a whole week to get things started or finished. It doesn’t matter that history tells me every time that I will panic at the end of the week that there aren’t enough hours to physically get everything done.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I am reasonably motivated – in fact a few people will probably roll their eyes and say that I am one of the most  motivated people they know. But I am very real too.

And Mondays tend to knock me over more than just ocassionally.

It’s 4.21 on Monday afternoon and I have achieved a few things today. But not as much as I planned because my sabotage pattern tells me that I have all week to get it done. (Actually I am at the National Speakers convention Friday through to Monday, so technically I DON’T have all week.)


Today I got sick of the whiney de-motivated voice in my head and asked someone for advice. He told me that a clever little bird told him to get those headphones in the ears, pump up the music and allow something that motivates me to get me motivated. Oh yeh… That’s right. That’s was my advice to him a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe I forgot about it. Cheep Cheep.

And then I remembered another awesome BIG tip that Mary-Anne Bennie taught me – See how much I can get done in 13 minute blocks.  I have to say I have shared that tip with SO many people since I heard it, and everyone says it’s gold!

So here I am, telling you about my own advice to get motivated and getting motivated all at the same time. In 13 minutes. And it’s still Monday. And I can tick “Write a Blog Post” off my Monday To-Do List.

So, what motivates you? And can you ramp it up and do something in 13 minutes that will kick that whiney little de-motivated voice in the butt and send it away to a lazy Sunday afternoon?

May you have a sensational and motivated week.

PS I must apologise for any grammar mistakes, editing didn’t fit into my 13 minutes.


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