To Card or Not to Card? This will save you hours this month

Christmas cards To Send or Not to Send

It’s December.

I know it doesn’t feel like December. The radio stations have been playing carols for a couple of weeks now, and the retailers have been selling Christmas baubles for months. I adore Christmas but sadly everyone I talk to isn’t ready for Christmas just yet.

Why? Because we still have so much to do. And Australians do love their annual holiday of January so what doesn’t get done in the next two to three weeks probably won’t get done until February.

I want to save you some time and take a major stress off your shoulders and I want to do it in one simple sentence.

Don’t send Christmas cards this year.

It’s a waste of your time and energy and it’s definitely a waste of your money.

The card and printing companies want you to send them. They are delighted that you feel obligated to reward your customers with a thank you for your custom card. It’s a big money spinner for them. Oh, and Australia Post loves it too.

Do you really think that your customer gets a warm and fuzzy feeling when they open that envelope from you?

The reality is everyone knows you dashed off your signature or message on that those cheap pieces of card whilst your mind was elsewhere on the work that you really needed to get done. And the chances are you probably wrote the same message to dozens, if not hundreds of your customers.

It’s not very special is it?

So don’t do it.

How does that feel? This decision will save you time, energy and money that you can throw into something that will bring you a profitable result. Do you feel relieved?

I wish I could say, ‘My job here is done’ but as Australia’s Customer Delight specialist, I can’t just leave at that. I like card and printing companies. And I love Australia Post, especially after a burst of activity on eBay. They deserve our business.

I truly believe your customers and clients should be thanked for their custom. They are special people that chose you because of your relationship building skills and processes.

So invest your time and energy and money at another time in the year. Pick an occasion that is special to your customers (and not especially special to you, because it is not about you, it’s about them) and send a card then. Identify if your card sending spree should be done in one batch or amortised throughout the year to reduce the load and make sure it happens. Every year, consistently.

Here are a couple of cool ideas:

Amortised annual thank you

Anniversary of purchase
Second or third (or pick a number) purchase
Customer’s Birthday

Annual thank you

Spring into Spring
Winter cheer
Happy New Year
Happy New Financial Year
Send to the product (house, pet, child etc) you sold or sold to

In my time mentoring businesses I have seen at least a hundred different themes when sending a thank you for your custom card. If you need me to help you brainstorm some for you don’t hesitate to contact me and we can arrange a time to connect.

Don’t send Christmas cards this year. Send them at another time. That way your special thank you won’t get lost in with everyone else’s and your customer will feel special, thus strengthening your relationship. After all, people do business with people they like and most people like people who appreciate them.


Danielle Storey is Australia’s leading Customer Delight specialist. Co-owner of the international small business success stor(e)y The Cartridge Family with her husband David, she has created and shares her strategies and systems for creating relationships that make everyone feel like a million dollars.

Through her speaking and mentoring brand Million Dollar Relationships Danielle helps business owners and sales people to Find customers and Keep Customers. To book Danielle to speak to your team head here.

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