Me Time

I went to a new physiotherapist this morning and as is their usual practice, he plied me with a million questions about me, my body and my stress levels. He asked me how I managed them all with my crazy work and Mum schedules and I was replied that I am excellent at having “me” time. I told him that I manage to read one or two books a week, I meditate regularly, I sleep a lot of hours and I have fun and socialise happily most days of the week.

I realised as I said it that it is the first time in many years that I didn’t feel guilty about the admission. I have always been good at me time but it has always been tied up with the guilty feeling that I must be lazy too.

Guilt is a terrible and insidious state of being. It too often sits at the base of many of the decisions that we make as Mums and women (and I am sure there are many men that live with it too). It seems as if it is an unwritten rule that we should feel guilty about taking time for ourselves.

Just recently I had some coaching from a time management coach (thanks Linda McMahon). She taught me to write down every thing I had to do in a special book to get things from my head onto paper. I had tried this many times before but never stuck at it; other blocks enabled me to sabotage it. The new process means that now I don’t have to stress about what I still have to do in my busy life.

I realised today that this process, supported with the new thinking that Linda helped me to understand has eliminated the guilt of being good at me time. What an unexpected bonus! I figure that in eliminating the guilt I now have extra energy in me that can be filled with something postive, powerful and profitable.

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