Failure… How do you feel about it?

Mark Webber

I have been a little fearful lately about a new project that I have taken on. I can hear my Mr Fearful voice tell me that it might fail and look like an idiot.

The fear nearly paralyses me sometimes. And I can feel myself trying to hide by taking on other things to keep me busy.

On my road trip to Adelaide I was trying to rationalise the fear I have been aware that there are so many things that are in danger of failing everyday. New freeways, governments, sporting games, building projects and more.

Watching the F1 Racing got me thinking (I love watching those cars). Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton both failed this weekend and I could tell that they were bitterly disappointed. In Mark’s case, he looked a bit like an idiot when he couldn’t get off the grid for what feels like the thousandth time this season.

But I decided that it was ok for them, because they had another race to win next weekend and season after season to get it right again.

My projects are fewer and farther apart because of my inactivity due to fear.

Then I remembered my mentor Paul McCarthy’s words, “Fail Faster” and I had a Duh! moment. If I throw myself at my projects more fully and more often, even though I may fail more often, I am going to hit success more often.

There, Ner, Mr Fearful Voice – get ready we are going to play more often!

How do you feel about failure?

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