The P Hat

I re-learned something about myself last week.

My perfectionism slows me down and stops me from stepping forward.

Huh! Who would have thought I was a perfectionist? My desk is a little messier than most, and my bedside table? Don’t go there.

Thanks to our Corporate Coach, I discovered my little perfectionism secret a couple of years ago and began to create a system to bypass this little fault. I had to, because it invariably led to procrastination and opportunities missed. If it’s not perfect, I’m going to try and avoid it.

Last week I realised that I was putting off writing the Energy for a Million Dollar Business eBook because of the potential embarrassment of a spelling or grammar mistake. I was mortified when a recent publication went out with atrocious spelling and grammatical errors. So mortified that I nearly cried.

In the office, with The Cartridge Family marketing material, I get the girls and guys all to edit everything I send out the door (I call this the “ask for help” strategy). Or I outsource it to a specialist who will get it right for me.

These strategies, I have discovered, are gold to a procrastinating perfectionist. Using my strategies, I thought I had taken off and nailed the Perfectionist Hat to the “I don’t need that to hold me back anymore” wall. Hmmm, apparently not!

But my TCF team are too busy serving customers to edit the Million Dollar Relationships material and I am not ready to outsource either. So, I kept putting off the eBook. After all, it can’t go out imperfect.

Last week I became aware that I had put the P Hat back on and I was procrastinating, madly. I decided to follow the “ask for help” plan and asked Mr Wonderful and a couple of friends to edit it (with heart in mouth). And I have released the eBook to the public. It’s good. I love it.

But, somehow I need to get to the bottom of the perfectionist stuff. Because I have a bigger book to write. So I will use another strategy to get on with that :-

Dear Subconsious Mind,

Who do I need to meet, what do I need to read, what can I learn to help me understand and minimise the effect of this Perfectionism Hat that I seem to carry around? Because I want to hang the hat up and step forward.

With Love, Danielle.

I know that this letter to my subconscious mind will illuminate and help fix this in me. I will keep you in the loop!

P.S. If there are grammar or spelling mistakes in this, it’s ok. I am going to leave them there.

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