How are you using your energy right now?

Our life is like a cup. Once it is full, it is full.

Energy cannot be created from nothing nor reduced to nothing. It can only be transformed from one state to another and it flows or stagnates. A chair holds physical energy, just as water does. Water vibrates faster and therefore flows. A chair doesn’t flow much at all.

Imagine that the all energy you use in your life is all physically in a cup. Can you identify how you will use that energy today?

How much of it will you expend satisfying others’ needs and desires? How much of it do you have stored in your cells (mind and body) as stagnant, old energy with old thinking and beliefs? How much of it will you use on time wasting activities simply to avoid that stagnant, old energy?

Time wasting and procrastination serve a purpose. They help us to avoid stuff. So if you plan to use some of your energy today avoiding stagnant, old energy acknowledge it. Own it. Allow it. Even if that use is too much time on social media. Own it. Allow it.

Then you won’t use more energy on guilt.

I am an expert on stagnant energy and the use of other energy to avoid it. I have learned that forgiveness isn’t about the other person. It’s about using my energy for me, not offering rent free space in my head and heart to those others.

A wise man said once that we should go out for a walk when things get stuck.  Stagnation has no hold on us when energy flows fluidly. Drinking water helps too. Filling the body with energy (water) that flows faster than the stagnation of old thoughts and habits helps the body release that old stuff. It’s amazing how much lighter we can feel when we flow, when we are not held back.

Interestingly, I have lost weight (using fast energy and exercising regularly) and some old patterns have surfaced. A wise woman invited me to look at the feelings and thoughts that I was going through just before I put the weight on. She suggested that the fat had been hiding stagnant energy that I allowed to stay there. Fat apparently, holds toxins and if we don’t detox when we lose it the fat comes back to hide it. Detox can be physical or emotional using a faster flowing energy than the energy that put it there. Laughter, breathing, moving, crying and anger – all flow fast, shifting energy.

If you are tempted to use energy to continue to be like the chair today try replacing one stagnating 2 minutes with 2 glasses of water. Try it tomorrow too. Let me know how you go.

You have only a limited amount of energy to use today. Where have you got it stored? How will you use it?

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