Customer Service — It’s Disappeared!

Do you think Customer Service has vanished?

I do, too. How many times do you hear someone complain about the service they received? And it’s not all about young people either!

At our company, The Cartridge Family, great Customer Service is a must, but the term Customer Service is a bit airy fairy.

What is it really? How can you delight your customers?

I define it in 7 main points:

1: Get a coach (or a mentor), or invest in yourself

2: Get offline and get communicating

3: Sponsor events

4: Spoil your customer

5: Say sorry properly

6: Get a branded thingy

7: Be consistent

They are all important, but the one many business owners mess up the most? Be consistent.

If you decide to do it, do it time and time again. Don’t fail after one or two attempts. Consistency will endear you to your customers.

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