Trading Success…

There are so many things in the world that we are trading,

Time for productivity

Productivity for results

Currency for things

What I wonder is, how many of us are trading our success for the comfortable feelings of guilt and pain, or blaming a lack of motivation, or an inability to find the energy to do something.

Are you achieving all you want right now?

If not, are you asking yourself the right question? Instead of beating yourself up on an issue, using guilt, anger, blame, excuses (living below line – as they say), could you be asking yourself these questions,

“What am I trading my success for?

Where am I placing my energies?”

And if you don’t know, try this one, “If I am not achieving [what it is I want], why not? What am I choosing to feel/use/be instead?”

The subconscious mind loves a good question…

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