Motivation and Breathing

When I breathe a big breath, the white noise in my head disappears.

Many of the masters over time have informed us that the transformations that we seek are to be found in the simplest of actions and concepts.

One of those is breath.

Why do you think meditators breathe so consciously?

Why are birthing mothers taught to breathe?

Why do you breathe heavily when in pain?

The first and last thing we do to transition into and out of this world is breathe.

Breath is the key to motivation. It is the key to success.

Breathing brings us into the present moment, temporarily eliminating the guilt of the past and the fear of the future. Ongoing conscious breathing breaks those bonds permanently.

Vibration and energy (in most humans) stays at the same capacity. Much of that capacity is utlised by energy blocks, tied up in the past and the future, stored in their bodies, often stagnating. Breathing and being in the present time releases much energy to complete the chosen task.

Do you have no motivation? Do you have little energy? Then I recommend a dose of breathing? And if you don’t know how? Ask someone. A meditation master, a martial arts master, a healer, a doctor, even Google.

Breathe and Be Motivated.

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