Finding Motivation

How do I find motivation when I don’t feel motivated?

The very state of being motivated means I attract inspiration, ideas and more motivation. When I feel unmotivated I attract tiredness, distraction and a general sense of disallusionment. This state can stay with me for any amount of time. If I am a magnet of attraction, how can I attract the opposite to this unhelpful state of being?

One of the most effective ways is to place motivational anchors in every day.

I remember hearing Tom O’Toole from Beechworth Bakery say that he surrounds himself with external motivation. Books, DVDs, posters and more help Tom to be the magnet for success that has is. Motivational material in my car CD player, books placed strategically around the house or written motivational quotes on post-its where I will see them are all anchors that assist me with attracting good motivation.

Another effective anchor is to build the practice of good daily habits. Allocating time during the day for breathing, or for regular meditation to review your personal affirmations and goals is a powerful way of shifting my magnetic energy from creation of softer slower, resting energy to the more vibrant, motivated energy that I desire to grow and prosper.

An anchor, in the literal sense, is something that holds something somewhere. If success is the somewhere that I wish to be, placing anchors throughout my day will bring me where I want to be, again and again. By placing motivational anchors in my life I can maintain my motivation.

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