Energy Blocks

What are energy blocks?

We are all affected by them; they can be ideas that we are stuck in, or attitudes that we cloak ourselves in. They can also be physical cells that stop us from feeling energetic and motivated.

One school of thought is that energy blocks are simply energetic thoughts and physical cells that we have forgotten about.

Energetically (as in thoughts and beliefs), if I was to carry a thought that all men are terrible, over a period of time, I would find that all of my relationships and dealings with men would be coloured by those energies, as a result of the way I act and react.

Physically, if I carry too much weight in my body by not exercising or overeating, fat cells become prolific and stagnate, slowing my energy down (creating blockages). I feel unable, or unwilling to move as much and I continue to compound the problem.

It helps sometimes to see the physicality of energetic blocks. ALL ENERGY IS PHYSICALLY MANIFESTED ON THIS EARTH. If we could see that, we might be more prepared to take responsibility for our own energy and motivation and GET ON WITH IT (so to speak).

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