Being Grounded and Having a Successful Business

What does it mean to be grounded and have a successful business?

To answer this I will turn the question around and first ask, what does it mean to be ungrounded?

Firstly, successful businesses don’t prosper when owners (and workers) are not grounded. Scattered employees and bosses who are not focussed on the day=-to-day running of the business miss important connections and details. For example, they might not collect money owed or complete paperwork that is essential to getting or paying money. And in today’s economy, money (or good cash flow) is primarily what makes a businesses successful.

Secondly, business owners that are ungrounded tend not to follow process. “Process” is the steps (or system/s) that are needed to complete a task. Some steps in a process are fun and exciting (like the beginning of a project) and some are harder (like asking someone for money, or for a cold introduction). Being process oriented is also what makes a business successful.

Interestingly, for those of you who have a problem with patience, “process” is the physical manifestation of patience. Every step has a following step and only when those steps have been completed can your goal become manifest.

And thirdly, ungrounded people tend to get distracted easily. Being distracted means that when other more exciting opportunities come along the existing business plan/s go out of the window and many unfinished projects are left behind.

By answering the question of being ungrounded, it is possible to indentify some of the keys to being grounded and running a successful business.

Grounded and successful business owners are focussed, follow process and stay on task without being distracted.

If you have problems with being a grounded business owner, consider talking to a business coach. Their ability and tools are geared toward keeping a business owner grounded and heading toward their chosen success.

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