Don’t Insult Me!

If I was your potential customer, I would hope that you didn’t assume that I didn’t want your product or service, just because you had called me once (or maybe twice) and we had missed each other.

So many sales people give up after the one missed connection or call and miss out on the sale.

The best customers are busy customers. They want you to take away their pain by doing or fixing something for them.

I’m a busy person. Sometimes it can take four calls to actually get hold of me. And if I don’t want the service that you are offering me, I will happily let you know (nicely of course).

Don’t insult your potential customers by assuming that they don’t want you because they are busy. Succcessful sales people recognise that it’s not all about themselves. They recognise that they need to keep connecting and keep calling until the customer lets them know what they want – either way.

If you have concerns about “nagging” your busy customers, there are gentle and effective ways to continue making contact until you get a resolution. Contact Danielle if you want to know how to implement them in your business.

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